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Ookami School, the class 3°A is having a regular morning lesson, when a lightning hits the West Wing of the school causing a complete Blackout. Is up to Ichigo Suzuki, the school representative, to ask for help. But she will find out that the whole school is full of demons and that she has been teleported to another dimension. You can't runa way. But she will find out that a divinity himself is going to give some spirits, able to transform themselves into weapons and with different powers and characteristics, to those chosen students. Will they be able to survive?


Ichigo Suzuki: she is the 3°A class representative. She is polemic sometimes, but she gets busy for the class and she can be a true leader. Her friends are Akame, Roku and Haru.

Yume: she is Ichigo's spirit and she is a girl, even if it doesn't seems to. Yume can't remember very much about her past and she can transform herself into a Beretta 9mm.

Roku Yamada: he is a quite tall, blond boy with light blue eyes. He is the class representative with Ichigo.

Haru Tanaka: she is a very tiny girl and she is very cute for her class. She is tiny, but, if she gets angry, she can become dangerous.

Akame Kimura: she is often called Senpai, because she has been failed and so she is older than Ichigo, Roku and Haru. She smokes a lot and she is a badass.

Development Team:

Stefano Montironi (MrSte): Game Designer, Mapper, and Programmer

Rebecca Visentin (MissRebs): Storyboarder, Concept Artist, and Pixel Artist

Eleonora Ferrari (Ellie): Storyboarder, and Game Tester

Giulia Di Pasqua (Chu): Storyboarder, and Concept Artist


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Pretty good stuff!


Thanks :D


Was this made in RPG Maker VX Ace?

Yes :)


Interested in doing an MV port of it?

It's already in development for Android and Mac versions :)


It's already in development for Android and Mac versions :)


What about iOS?

iOS and Android